The Blog is being Hijacked

Yesterday was a very nerve wrecking day in my life on a small scale, but since becoming a mother and having a very slow paced job/life, let me tell you it was a BIG DEAL!

This job that was started yesterday has been through something similar to an onion, having several layers over the last 2 years built up and then stripped away to throw it all on the grill finally.. Yes, I said 2 years! That is unreal to me being an American, the land of service it has not been. It hasĀ been fighting, crying, not talking, and the list goes on, and that just with my husband. They do say doing up a house is one of the top 3 reason to fight! Let the dust blow.

So I am turning to my blog/all of you to write about what is happening to my peaceful nest, that I love and have looked after so tenderly with an open heart for the last 3.5 years since taking ownership with my husband. Possibly some of you are going through this as well, and we can create a place to get it out in the air..

My home from about 8:30 yesterday was crawling with about 10 different sounding men. Some tall, some short, some smoking, so banging. It goes on and on.. I see my washer being drug down the garden to the shed, my sink disappearing off nooooo.. Not panicking, not at all yet… I get in the car and think I will go out and make space between me and my nest while it is getting trashed left right, and centre. Well as I drove to the gas station, I was realising I was having issues, can’t see, can’t see. Stress is high right now, and so I make my way home quickly lay down in my nest of all nest and try to breath.. Not working so well I ring my husband who is sitting calmly at his desk sipping his skinny cap, well that’s all I could see anyway, and then my hand goes numb and is tingling, I am crying and freaking out… I lost it!

Today has been a better day, for one the cleaning lady came and that always makes one shout from the mountain tops, and I also went off and did a calming stretch class… This is the main idea for the next 6 months to get through it all!

So if anyone has words of advise to get through this, while living through it please let me know.. Anything welcome!