It’s a No Go for NOMA

So we all gathered the other night around mine to talk about the NOMA the book, well that was the idea anyway, but as we rambled on from one topic to the next talking about everything but NOMA.. We chatted more, we ate, we sang happy birthday, and then we finally got to the book. The first words that came out of all of our mouths was let’s do another book!  OUCH… 

It is a coffee table book no doubt, so so pretty but, so not doable book for a home cook. Fair enough, so we have swapped for a Bill Granger book and are going with a Brunch theme. Doing it on a sunday with the kids and all..

Did anyone see this article?

On another note I spent the afternoon today with Kylee Newton of Newton and Pott who’s book is The Modern Preserver. It is a lovely book and she has a very warm way about her and her teaching. The book is full of incredible recipes with depths of flavours within each one that sound just like one would want on almost anything. I had a lovely time making Spicy beer pickles, and Rhubarb and Blood Orange jam which I carried home in my bag warming my back like a hot water bottle on a grey winters day. The jam is so deep in flavour and would be amazing over cheese or with vanilla ice cream, or really anything creamy.. I have yet to try the pickles as they need about 24 hrs to infuse, but I came home and made a pimento cheese recipe from Food52 website  and tomorrow lunch will be my pickles with a pimento cheese sandwich.

Here are a few shots from today-




Book Six Is…

So the books that where thrown out there by the others peeps have been French Laundry, Momofuku, NOMA, and Robuchon. We have decided on NOMA, as one of the members is heading off to Denmark in the summer and we thought it would be nice to have a tasty sample of what she is in for. They have an amazing restaurant in Denmark. I have  unfortunately not had the opportunity to sample this divine place.

NOMA is it. Next week we are getting together to set a menu for the big cook off.. Stay tuned, I can not wait to dive into this amazing looking book. Does anyone have this book, and or suggest any recipes?



I was reading an article this morning in the guardian all about sugar tax and weather it will be applied adding possibly 20% tax on sugar and salty foods. I think it is exactly what is needed. It will be a slow progression, but it will be a helpful one to the NHS which is falling apart slowly. What do you think needs to happen?

Book Number 6 is?

2015 was a good year, we managed to get 5 books in, and they where all wonderfully new and full of captivating recipes!  I have revisited everyone of the books we did last year and made several other delectable meals.

We have now arrived to our next dinner for the Cookbook Club here in a little over a month, and are in debt about which book to choose. I have bought over the last few months Honey &Co, Food From the Middle East, COOK. NOURISH. GLOW., The Detox Bible, and The Kitchen Diaries 3 by Nigel Slater all proving to be astounding.

I have cooked a few things out of The Detox Bible, and Cook. Nourish. Glow and they of course are a bit more on the healthy side and full of great information for your gut. You know Jan has just come and gone. Was it a healthy month, sort of, but oh gosh winter food is so satisfying. Was your Jan healthy?

This afternoon I was reading a bit from the Nigel Slaters book to my kids over supper, and I have to say I am new to his cookbooks, but his writing is so incredible. I look forward to reading more entries. I am voting for this one as our next book for the dinner.

The next social is planned for the 23rd of April at my place, which has spent the last five months under going a face lift and I think in a weeks time we are FINALLY there! I can not tell you how excited I am to start using my new ovens to make A bread, A roast, A lamb, A pudding.

What books have you bought lately? Any you could suggest?  The Happy Foodie sent this through today  Out of the list, Modern Persevere is one I would enjoy buying. I’ve heard good things about the Nigella book, the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook was a little stale, and I have to say I loved the last Hemsley + Hemsley book. So look forward to buying there new one!





So we have had a very long break, and are not coming back too strong as we are down 2 members tonight, but we will give it the best we have. I am also down a full kitchen as some of you might have read about my home being ripped apart.. I am feeling a little calmer about it all as time has passed and its becoming a normal state of mind for me and my family.

Tonights book is a flavorsome book that keeps on giving, I have cooked several recipes out of PLENTY MORE while on our long break, and I have to say it has enhanced my palette and my herb cabinet!

It is a great book even if you are not a vegetarian. I thought when I first heard about it, that it was not for me, but boy was I wrong. My dish this evening is a Seared Girolles With Black Glutinous Rice. It has been soaking since last night, and is so striking to look at! Mushrooms are in season at the moment, this time of year makes you want to get out and go searching for them yourself in the woods. I have had this experience once, and wish I could do it more, but borough market is not far down the road, and it will have to do. I really do enjoy this time of year so many amazing fruits and veg are at their best, and the weather makes you want to cook up dishes bursting with autumnal flavours.

I only know what Erin is making tonight and it is one of my favourite from the book that I made as a side with a roast chicken. It’s the Aubergine Cheesecake, and it is so yummy. I love Aubergines and I do know they are not for everyone, but Ottolenghi is incredible at cooking them. I wish he would host a cooking class just on Aubergines..

Alright time to hit the kitchen and do a little pre prep for tonight..

Have you cooked out of PLENTY MORE, and if so what are some of your favourites?

The Blog is being Hijacked

Yesterday was a very nerve wrecking day in my life on a small scale, but since becoming a mother and having a very slow paced job/life, let me tell you it was a BIG DEAL!

This job that was started yesterday has been through something similar to an onion, having several layers over the last 2 years built up and then stripped away to throw it all on the grill finally.. Yes, I said 2 years! That is unreal to me being an American, the land of service it has not been. It has been fighting, crying, not talking, and the list goes on, and that just with my husband. They do say doing up a house is one of the top 3 reason to fight! Let the dust blow.

So I am turning to my blog/all of you to write about what is happening to my peaceful nest, that I love and have looked after so tenderly with an open heart for the last 3.5 years since taking ownership with my husband. Possibly some of you are going through this as well, and we can create a place to get it out in the air..

My home from about 8:30 yesterday was crawling with about 10 different sounding men. Some tall, some short, some smoking, so banging. It goes on and on.. I see my washer being drug down the garden to the shed, my sink disappearing off nooooo.. Not panicking, not at all yet… I get in the car and think I will go out and make space between me and my nest while it is getting trashed left right, and centre. Well as I drove to the gas station, I was realising I was having issues, can’t see, can’t see. Stress is high right now, and so I make my way home quickly lay down in my nest of all nest and try to breath.. Not working so well I ring my husband who is sitting calmly at his desk sipping his skinny cap, well that’s all I could see anyway, and then my hand goes numb and is tingling, I am crying and freaking out… I lost it!

Today has been a better day, for one the cleaning lady came and that always makes one shout from the mountain tops, and I also went off and did a calming stretch class… This is the main idea for the next 6 months to get through it all!

So if anyone has words of advise to get through this, while living through it please let me know.. Anything welcome!



Our next London Cookbook Club choice is Plenty More, a Yo Tang (Yotam Ottolenghi) book. He has several restaurants around the london area, if you get a chance it is a little slice of heaven. He has just opened his latest one in Spittafield’s Market.  It’s especially wonderful if you are a vegetarian!

Sonia will be hosting this ladies only night at she and Chris lovely home. I am looking forward to it, as I have been cooking from it a lot and have enjoyed everything that has come out of it. It is a veggie only book, but his latest and greatest book is from his upscale NOPI restaurant, which includes meat recipes!

I will post the menu once we have all agreed on the fab dishes we will be making/eating!

A friend sent me this link and it’s pretty spot on, although he doesn’t mentioned your table setting, candles, flowers, etc.. I think it all needs to works together, so on the food end Scully has it down, and my advise is to set your table before hand and think about all your add ins while thinking who’s coming, what are you cooking, and the mood you would like to place on the evening soiree!

Have you been to any of Yo Tang’s places, or cooked anything out of his amazing books?