Book Number 6 is?

2015 was a good year, we managed to get 5 books in, and they where all wonderfully new and full of captivating recipes!  I have revisited everyone of the books we did last year and made several other delectable meals.

We have now arrived to our next dinner for the Cookbook Club here in a little over a month, and are in debt about which book to choose. I have bought over the last few months Honey &Co, Food From the Middle East, COOK. NOURISH. GLOW., The Detox Bible, and The Kitchen Diaries 3 by Nigel Slater all proving to be astounding.

I have cooked a few things out of The Detox Bible, and Cook. Nourish. Glow and they of course are a bit more on the healthy side and full of great information for your gut. You know Jan has just come and gone. Was it a healthy month, sort of, but oh gosh winter food is so satisfying. Was your Jan healthy?

This afternoon I was reading a bit from the Nigel Slaters book to my kids over supper, and I have to say I am new to his cookbooks, but his writing is so incredible. I look forward to reading more entries. I am voting for this one as our next book for the dinner.

The next social is planned for the 23rd of April at my place, which has spent the last five months under going a face lift and I think in a weeks time we are FINALLY there! I can not tell you how excited I am to start using my new ovens to make A bread, A roast, A lamb, A pudding.

What books have you bought lately? Any you could suggest?  The Happy Foodie sent this through today  Out of the list, Modern Persevere is one I would enjoy buying. I’ve heard good things about the Nigella book, the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook was a little stale, and I have to say I loved the last Hemsley + Hemsley book. So look forward to buying there new one!





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