The Menu is Set!

First off want to thank Amy for hosting last night at her new lovely, and very stylish home here in East Dulwich aka Peckwhich!

So here is the Menu-

Kathleen will be making Morito Rolls and then topping them with Tomato which is called Pan Con Tomato and she will do some as well with Jamon.

Angela will be doing a bread as well which is Chorizo and Fennel Seed Rolls and then an Octopus, Tomato, Capers and Dill.

Sonia is on for a lovely Courgette Tortilla as well as some amazing sounding Anise Biscuits.

Erin is doing an intreasting looking Tapas dish called Pinchos and one dish that Morito does which Kathleen has said is her favorite dish they do which is Spiced Lamb, Aubergine and Mint. The recipe for this says they found this one on youtube, and that they used the visual side of it to recreat this recipe. Would have never thought. It does look amazing. Erin and her husband Richard will so kindly be hosting the next dinner, and we are hoping for great weather and to make it a more casual night.

Amy is doing the main addition to any tapas party which has to come along which is Patatas Bravas, hard to go wrong here. She is also doing this simple, but stunning looking salad called Carrot, Caraway, and Feta. It does say using Organic Carrots will help with the flavour making their chances better for getting the complexity, and sweetness out of them. She has also chosen to tip our boots with an amazing sexy cava cocktail with Pomegranate.

Last but, not leaste is myself and I am doing to cutest single bite Cherry Chilli Peppers, Labneh and Pine Nuts as well as these nibbles which have become a summer classic for Morito which are Fried Chickpeas and Chopped Salad. And to top all this amazing sounding food off we will be having PX Ice Cream. Angela has made this before and said it was unreal, but it might be because the Pedro Ximenez Sherry.. That is a real show stopper for following a lovely meal like this!

Have you had any of these dishes mentioned?

Kathleen and Angela made 2 dishes out of the Ottlenghi cookbook last night, which I would love to do next!

IMG_7103 IMG_7104

IMG_7106 IMG_7105


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