A.O.C. What a great cookbook

All the ladies, and the husbands met up this past saturday for the A.O.C. dinner which was curated by the 6 of us, and our oh so lucky partners got come along for pure pleasure. Thank you to Angela and Pete for hosting! As it tends to leave behind a mess of loads of pots, pans, dishes, glasses, and cutlery which are needed throughout the night.. Also everyone is up in your kitchen/space, and Pete and Angela are both great bakers/cooks, so again thank you for sharing your amazing space with all of us. It was a great night, we started with Amy’s devils on horseback with a twist which was tasty. It was then followed by erin and angle’s sea scallops with saffron potatoes with a blood orange-meyer lemon salsa, which had a real fresh CA flavour to it with the citrus salsa.. We had to order the meyer lemons from CA as they are not available here in the UK. We got them from http://www.lemonladies.com and they are in season right now! Next up was Kathleen for the main, which was pork confit with caramelised apples and cabbage in red wine. This was a very labour (love) intensive dish, kathleen had a lot of pre prep to do… It was well worth it, she did mention that the meat reduced a lot and that it was hard to get the weight correct when at the butchers it was weighed with the fat on it, and then cut off for the recipe.. Note to self if ever making this dish buy extra, because you diffidently would like leftovers of this dish.. Along with the main Sonia add long cooked cavolo nero which was really earth with an underlying kick of spice. My addition was sweet potatoes with bacon, spinach, and romesco! I would say this was a star dish at the dinner from the book as it was with the beet cured salmon from the Polpo cookbook. Seems to always be one that everyone says they would make again. The book is full of other wonderful looking recipes that I would like to have a go with now, and it is broken up into seasons which is very helpful. I now have purchased her Sunday Suppers at  Lucqes: Seasonal Recipes from Market to Table book that I am drooling over, as the recipes sound very flavourful and come in menu suggestions which is smart. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sunday-Suppers-Lucques-Seasonal-Recipes/dp/1400042151/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423835496&sr=8-1&keywords=suzanne+goin Alright, their is still more food to come at this dinner which was a lot but, it all went together so very well. Sonia did the pudding which was out of this world! Vanilla pot de creme with dulce de leche, macron almonds, and a layer of chocolate. It seems as if people are challenge themselves by taking recipes on that they would not normally cook or shy away from, and that is what the cookbook club has turned out to be in a great manner of challenging each of us. The last was the cheeses which Amy and I conquered, and unfortunately everyone was full by this point.. I posted earlier about the cheese that I purchased from Neal’s Yard Dairy the goat’s and ewes and Amy went for 3 hard cheese which was an english cheddar, a comte, and a monchego. It was a brilliant night, and again thank you to everyone for all your efforts, and to our host and hostess for so kindly letting everyone into there lovely kitchen. What will come next, I have no idea.. Any thoughts or suggestions please leave a note. What are some of your go to cookbooks, or even the ones you love to look through and thinking “Oh Maybe One Day”


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