Let the prep begin!

This morning after school drop off I rushed to borough market, one of my favourite places in London. I remember when I first came to visit my best friend Meredith Davis who was was living in london at the time and getting married shortly after christmas. She took me on a jounery through london on a cold, bluster winters day to Borough Market.. I thought this is it, I have arrived! It only got better as we explored all these amazing butchers, and fish mongers, fruit stalls, and then we landed in Neal’s Yard Dairy the Mecca of Cheese Mongers..

As you walk in the dark blue barn type doors you are blasted with this incredible smell, like no other. And yes, its the cheese. When I arrived there this morning not even allowing myself stop for a coffee at another one of my favourite london spots around the corner called Monmouth coffee, I went straight past and was in for the goats.. Strong I know at 9am but, oh so what I needed.. I choose 4 cheeses, which I was only suppose to choose 3, but I couldn’t leave this one outstanding goat cheese behind.. I am a sucker for anything goat! I bought Harbourne Blue- from Devon, England which is a Goat’s milk blue. Unusual to see an english goat, and even rarer to see a blue goat! I also bought a Innes Brick, raw goat’s milk from Tamworth, Staffordshire. This was so creamy, it ticked several boxes, even at 9am. Then I moved right next door to the Hay-on-Wye, and this is the cutest little cheese very young raw goat’s milk from Dorstone, Herefordshire. The last cheese I acquired was the Wigmore, which is unpasteurised ewe’s milk, and is a new wave cheese from Berkishers. All very flavourful, but as the man helping me said it is only 9c in the shop so once you take them to room temp they will be bursting with flavour!

I then returned home and got to cooking as my sprits where high on cheese! I am in charge of sweet potato with bacon, spinach, and romesco, along with goat and ewe’s goodness. I thought I would prep the romesco bit of the recipe as its always good to do a bit of pre-prep if its possible. So off I went and man I have never made a romesco before and it is outstanding and so simple packing a major punch. I still need to add the lemon and the parsley, but am saving that for tomorrow right before I pour it over the sweet potato!

IMG_6749 IMG_6750

IMG_6755 IMG_6757 IMG_6761 IMG_6763 IMG_6765 IMG_6766


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