We chose the polpo cookbook for a number of reasons, most notably because it’s full of challenging and inventive recipes we’d probably never have attempted at home until pushed—many of which turned out to be easier than expected. Although in a way, I am not sure along with the others that it made the translation from restaurant to home cook.

Here are several shots from the night, it all looked amazing and was a great night all in all.

This was the 3 STARTERS that where made by Erin which where- Anchovy & Chickpea Crostini, Baccala Mantecato, and Prosciutto, Mint & Fig Crostini (All incredible, and Erin said they are very easy show stoppers to make. They went down like a storm especially the fig one)

IMG_5572    starters

IMG_5574    IMG_5575

IMG_5576   IMG_5577

IMG_5578  IMG_5580

The two Salads followed which where made by Amy and Kathleen. They where the Grilled Zucchini Salad, ( Amy said the grilling of the Zucchini was very labour intensive), Zucchini, Basil & Parmesan Salad, and the Beet-Cured Salmon. (Kathleen said this was so simple, and it was going to be her new party trick)

IMG_5596  IMG_5536

IMG_5593  IMG_5592

IMG_5538  IMG_5597  IMG_5537

Then came one of my two which I was not very happy with how it turned out, and I think that was due to cooking too many Cod Cheeks at the same time so they did not get a nice brown finish. It was the Cod Cheeks, Lentils & Salsa Verde.(all the prep photos where added the day of)

FullSizeRender-1  FullSizeRender-2

Next up was Amy and Angela who did the Spicy Pork & Fennel Polpette in the Basic Tomato Sauce. It was really bursting with flavour, not sure if it was labour intensive. Then Angela did the Braised Ox Cheeks which where very savory, and just falling apart in your mouth. It had been a rainy, and windy that day so all this heavenly flavour was just what was needed!

IMG_5594  FullSizeRender-7

FullSizeRender-6  FullSizeRender-4

FullSizeRender-5  FullSizeRender-3

And finally the pudding time, and at this point things started to get rather sloppy around the table! The two puddings where one of mine which was Warm Autumn Fruits With Amaretto Cream, and then another of Angela’s which was the Chocolate Salami. I would say that mine was rather simple and cooked in different ways which then where then used for a common cause of yumminess.. The Chocolate Salami, I think from what i remember, as I was rather toasted by this hour, should have been sliced differently.. I can’t really remember, but what I do remember is that it had great texture, and flavour and was perfect for my rather large hangover on sunday!

IMG_5582  IMG_5586

IMG_5587  IMG_5581

So I would say that is POLPO Cookbook done and dusted although, I think all of us will revisit it as we got to taste several mouth watering dishes that night and know that the book holds some very unique ingredient combinations that still need exploring..

Thank you ladies for all your effort and hard work for making this all happen. We are now going to be choosing our next book on a lovely night out to the POLPO restaurant itself! If you have any suggestions please leave a note below..



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